Mathematica now has an official dynamic notebook renderer that enables us embedding notebooks inside a web page. This post describes how to use it.

I came across a discussion on Stackexchange about the modern style of organizing code for Mathematica packages. This style is still ‘undocumented and should be used at your own risk’. But I’ve noticed more and more Mathematica internal packages start to use it. This new style improves the modularity compared with the old package style(, albeit not as good as those ones in python). This post is some notes about it.

Procedure of optimizing Mathematica code

It occurred to me that I needed to find the minimal element (if there are multiple occurence, just return any one of them), as well as its position, in a list using mathematica. This seems to be a trivial problem and…

Sometimes we want to make our Mathematica code run faster by writing some computationally intensive part of the code using C/C++. If the code itself is simple enough, we can use Compile to have Mathematica generate compiled C code automatically. But in more complex case, Compile will not work and we need LibraryLink.